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We've been looking at new homes and condos.
All's I got to say is OOEE GOD ALMIGHTY. It's too damned much work.
But the house will be great!

Miss A


Sorry it has been so long for a new post but what with the holidays and all. Well I'm just sayin'


You've heard of "Pimp My Ride"? Well, here at the Cupcake Castle, we pimp out better things than cars! And what's better than cars? Why BACON of course! And we're pimpin' some out for you on our very first edition. Stay tuned for more ways to have FUN with bacon.

After a conversation with Anthony from Paris, we went into a deep, dark depression because we love him so much and feel so bad for him that there are not only NO Frito's in France, but they are also lacking in bacon!!
Oh, how the poor man finds a thing to eat is just a miracle to us. Stay strong Anthony!! We will find a way, some how, some way, to bring Frito's into your life and I think JR is working with GW on the whole bacon thing.

Sorry in advance about the Oprah rant. Gosh....I'm not sure WHAT came over me but JR caught it all on his little recorder. Again, apologies, so sorry.

Don't forget to eat your cupcakes and bacon and to laugh a lot, life is too short not to!
Miss A

This week in the Cupcake Castle we're tossing a salad, Texas style. We come up with a crazy idea for a bacon show, stay tuned for that....you won't want to "miss a" single episode! I Love This Song! Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

Once we saw the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs show, "Casino Food Recycler", we have a new view of pigs and we're swearin' off pork. Well, like I say, except for bacon. All mental images from the show disappear when one smells that bacon fryin'. Hey, bacon cures a lot of ills around the Cupcake Castle and helps with those PMS blues as well, so it's a tough one to give up.
Anyhoo.... in this episode....a recipe for Banana Bread, given after some arm twisting from JR. Haven't been in the sharing mood because really, who out there cares about Cupcake anyway?
So remember to Laugh A Lot . If you want to.
Miss A


Apologies in advance because this one is just all over the place. We've been grilling a lot, and there's more talk about burgers. And a dinner conversation where I talk a lot and JR mainly just eats. That would be him you hear munchin' 'cause I never talk with my mouth full winking
A song about bacon. We truly are thankful for it, yes, indeedy.
There's a recipe for a really kick a** corn dish. We highly recomment it, even if you can't say the name of it at your next church pot-luck dinner.
Make it and believe you me, you'll be sayin" that's a mighty fine #$%*(!# corn dish! Enjoy!
Oh, a favorite song that's on here because I have a birthday coming up. Happy to me!
Remember to Laugh a Lot, like we do and enjoy your summer!
Miss A


Just some random stuff from the Cupcake Castle.
You'll hear my Mom, part of her visit at Easter.
Also, our sweet Pug, aka "Sir Pants A Lot".
Some bunnies (they're awfully quiet though).
Something for the Bundt pan.
And yes, we like bacon.
A lot.


This week it's bacon in a Bundt pan, just like I promised. Yum! My family pounced on it like a monkey on a cupcake, and after all, it IS Monkey Bread, of sorts, so it's all good.

Judge Judy. Love her. You'll see why.

Cotton PJ's = No Sleep for Miss A (learned lesson...leave contacts in until preferred nightgown is found).

Ramblings about Mom's in general, what with Mother's Day approaching and all.

Cupcake kisses,


This week we're watching our weight....but we still want cake! We LOVE cake, in case you're wondering. Aww, a "good for you" Bundt cake to the rescue. One with lots of possibilities. Stay tuned next week for something else to make in a Bundt pan. It will involve bacon. You don't want to miss that.


OK, after a little arm twisting by good ol' JR, I decided life is just too short not to spread a little love. So listen carefully for a special recipe. You followers of the Cupcake Goodness can feel free to make and share. But if you tell anyone else, remember, I'll have to kill you. It's not that it's all that hard or anything, but if you put a lot of love into it, trust me, people will beg you to make it all the time.

Enjoy and LOL.
Miss A


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